MGW Ace Encoder

Compact HEVC / H.265 hardware encoder

MGW Ace Encoder is the world's first HEVC / H.265 hardware encoder in a professional quality portable transmission device. Designed to support a diverse set of video broadcast applications, MGW Ace features a wide range of inputs including SDI, HDMI, DVI and composite. Powered by VITEC's HEVC GEN2+ encoder, MGW Ace Encoder delivers the industry's best video quality, allowing users to transmit HD/SD broadcast-quality video with up to 50% bandwidth savings compared to H.264. In addition, the codec now supports ultra-low latency HEVC transmission for unmatched glass-to-glass latency of up to 16 ms.
With a compact size and low power consumption, MGW Ace Encoder makes it possible to bring HEVC coding from server rooms to the field for professional and industrial applications with easy integration to transport cases, TV trucks, military vehicles and airplanes.

  • HEVC transmission reduces IPTV bandwidth costs
  • Best-in-class HEVC video quality and latency
  • Ultra-low latency through the Internet.
  • Flexible connectivity options with backward compatibility to H.264 versions
  • JITC certification - KLV / STANAG metadata intake for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.
  • The most complete HEVC offering for IPTV and full motion video.